Monday, 11 June 2012

15mm Urban Bases [URBCOBSET1]

Some test shots of a new range of nominally 15mm-20mm bases. The range will consist of both the standard base plus the popular blind holes to accept figure bases. The initial bases are consistant with the Flames of War size basing, as you can see below:

The shot below has a PSC 251 for scale, the first set consist of a random selection of nine urban "medium" bases and one command base.

The blind holes are designed to accomodate 20mm figures as well as the more usual 15mm.

 As you can see each base is fully detailed, showing cobblestones strewn with rubble and debris. These have been painted in lighter shades for Normandy themed units.
Bases will be sold unpainted.

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  1. Hi mate

    Did these bases ever get off the drawing board?